History of Plaça Reial. Barcelona’s royal square and Art i Sa’s emplacement.

“Art i Sa Barcelona” is located at the main entrance of “Plaça Reial”, next to “La Rambla” and in the heart of Gothic Quarter. It is a perfect place to begin or finish your visit to the neighbourhood. Plaça Reial, the royal square, is one of the most iconic squares in Barcelona with a very … Leer más

Cold is already here and the “Chocolate con Churros” is a must!!!

Yes, people, when the autumn and winter cold arrives is the perfect time to eat a delicious cup of thick and hot chocolate with crunchy “churros”, a traditional breakfast or snack in Spain and obviously in Barcelona. The “chocolate con churros” is a mix between the Gods beverage from the South American cultures and the … Leer más

Merce 2016 – Best things to do and see!!

La Merce’s festivities start this Thursday, lasting until Sunday. Following our yearly tradition of recommending best events on Barcelona’s greatest celebration, here is our selection.  If you like Art i Sa you will probably like them:   Main shows: Thursday at 7pm, is when the party officially starts, Ghotic Neighbourhood is where you should be!! … Leer más

Smoothie Parc Güell, ARTISA Barcelona.

Do you want a refreshing smoothie?

Here you can find an excellent recipe! In “Art i Sa Barcelona”, following our philosophy of natural products, we offer fruit smoothies throughout the year, although now in summer is the best time to enjoy them as they are very refreshing, nutritious and healthy. The smoothies are a very healthy option to take at breakfast, … Leer más

Secrets to a perfect cup of coffee

Many of our customers say we have the best coffee in Barcelona. Also, very often, they ask us what we do to make it so good, as they have tried a few of the same brand we use (Illy)  and it was not the same. Our secrets for how to brew the best cup of … Leer más

“La Merce” Party 2015: Events you should not miss

The greatest celebration of Barcelona, La Merce’s festivities, is starting this Friday. This festival says good bye to the summer and will transform the city during 7 days (18th to 24th September) into a huge street party.
Take a look at the “La Merce” events program (schedule of events) to see all the activities for all ages and tastes: tradition, arts, circus, food parades, dances, concerts, fireworks and much more. There is so much things to do that you will probably get in trouble to choose where to go.
To help you making the most of the party we have choose our favorites. If you like Art i Sa you will probably like our selection:

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