Cold is already here and the “Chocolate con Churros” is a must!!!

Yes, people, when the autumn and winter cold arrives is the perfect time to eat a delicious cup of thick and hot chocolate with crunchy “churros”, a traditional breakfast or snack in Spain and obviously in Barcelona.
The “chocolate con churros” is a mix between the Gods beverage from the South American cultures and the Pastor’s food, with its origin in the Sephardic kitchen and its culinary technique to make in boiling oil all kind of fried food “fry fruits”. This method arrived in Spain in the 14th Century, and the chocolate in the 16th Century; but not is until finally 19th Century that we have the constancy of the union of both making this wonderful tradition.
The “churros” name came from the shepherds that ate the “fry fruits” while they look after their flock of sheep “churras” in the mountains. There is a possibility that the tradition of “chocolate con churros” began outside the cities and was arriving at the towns in the first place through the streets markets, and quickly they install inside like “Churrerias” shops. In Spain, we have an expression “como churros” that means been able to do something very quickly.
In Barcelona, the Petritxol street was the most traditional place to eat “chocolate con churros” when Barcelona was inside their walls. Today still remains a couple of places there, but there are a lot of other places that offer this product, like “Art i Sa Barcelona”, where you can try a delicious chocolate made with cacao 100% and crunchy churros.

We hope you will make a try and see you soon, you won’t regret!!!

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