History of Plaça Reial. Barcelona’s royal square and Art i Sa’s emplacement.

“Art i Sa Barcelona” is located at the main entrance of “Plaça Reial”, next to “La Rambla” and in the heart of Gothic Quarter. It is a perfect place to begin or finish your visit to the neighbourhood. Plaça Reial, the royal square, is one of the most iconic squares in Barcelona with a very … Leer más

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Aquí os dejamos la entrevista que nos hizo Trend Map a finales de Julio 🙂 Trend Store-ies: Marisol y Sofía Jiménez ARTISA **Una apuesta local ** Marisol y Sofía llevan en la sangre el alma emprendedora. Dueñas de ArtiSa, situada a los pies de la Plaza Real y creadoras de Gastronomic Souvenirs, marca gastronómica artesanal que está despuntando en Catalunya. Hermanas … Leer más

Gaudí Augmented Reality Tour through 1875’s Barcelona.

Looking for a really fun tour in Barcelona? Discover the city of a young Gaudi with this augmented reality and geolocation tour: G.A.R.T. Download this free App and enjoy the route, find the clues, solve the enigmas to help Gaudi discover a perturbing mystery hidden in Barcelona’s most emblematic sceneries. This game was made by … Leer más

20 must see places in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Barcelona history starts in Roman times, where the Gothic Quarter is placed today.
Starting and finishing at ArtiSa Coffee Shop, this route will guide you through the narrow and winding alleys and main roads of this neighborhood to the main tourist attraction and other hidden spots that you should not miss.

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