"Coca de Sant Joan" Recipe

The night of “Sant Joan” is a magical night in Catalunya, and each city / town celebrates in a different way, but all have in common: gatherings with family / neighbour / friends, sharing together a delicious “Coca de Sant Joan” throwing firecrackers or lighting a fire, because it is a pagan celebration of worship … Leer más

How to make "Pa amb tomàquet" and its history

The “Pa amb tomàquet” (“tumaca bread”, “pa amb tomàquet”, “pa amb tomata” or “pa amb tomaca” in the different Catalan dialects) is a traditional food of Catalan cuisine. It is considered a clear example of the Mediterranean diet. The origin of the recipe was inspired by the bread with olive oil; slices of bread seasoned with olive oil and with a … Leer más

Secrets to a perfect cup of coffee

Many of our customers say we have the best coffee in Barcelona. Also, very often, they ask us what we do to make it so good, as they have tried a few of the same brand we use (Illy)  and it was not the same. Our secrets for how to brew the best cup of … Leer más

Gaudí Augmented Reality Tour through 1875’s Barcelona.

Looking for a really fun tour in Barcelona? Discover the city of a young Gaudi with this augmented reality and geolocation tour: G.A.R.T. Download this free App and enjoy the route, find the clues, solve the enigmas to help Gaudi discover a perturbing mystery hidden in Barcelona’s most emblematic sceneries. This game was made by … Leer más

Apple Pie Recipe

9” Pan with removable bottom. Oven: 75′ to 170ºC This cake has 3 steps: Base: Ingredients: 85gr unsalted butter cut into small cubes 142gr pastry flour ¼ teaspoon salt ⅛ teaspoon baking powder 64gr cream cheese 14gr heavy cream (38% fat) 7gr cider vinegar Preparation: All dough processing should be done with cold product in … Leer más

“La Merce” Party 2015: Events you should not miss

The greatest celebration of Barcelona, La Merce’s festivities, is starting this Friday. This festival says good bye to the summer and will transform the city during 7 days (18th to 24th September) into a huge street party.
Take a look at the “La Merce” events program (schedule of events) to see all the activities for all ages and tastes: tradition, arts, circus, food parades, dances, concerts, fireworks and much more. There is so much things to do that you will probably get in trouble to choose where to go.
To help you making the most of the party we have choose our favorites. If you like Art i Sa you will probably like our selection:

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